The 7 Best Jobs To Have While In College


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When you’re looking for a job in college, the most important thing you need is flexibility so that it’s easy to balance your class schedule with work. That’s why on-campus jobs are plentiful. But not all on-campus jobs are equal. Some require way more effort than others, so we narrowed the list down to the 7 best jobs. Some of these jobs might be different at your school, but many colleges are pretty similar for the most part.

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#7 Campus Dining

Starting off the list in 7th place is working for campus dining. This is probably the most straightforward on-campus job you can get. Someone can easily get a dining job their first week in college just by applying online. It’s a great job to make some extra money, but it is definitely our least favorite campus job. Most people who worked in dining didn’t absolutely love their job. It is not that the work is hard but that you are really working for every penny you earn, whereas some of the jobs are laxer towards the end of our list. Of course, this depends on your school, because there are so many people working in dining are incredibly flexible, you can work just 3 hours a week if you wanted to or work 16 or more. People working in campus dining often make a little more money than other on-campus jobs to encourage more people to apply, but the difference is marginal. If you can pick up enough shifts in your free time, all that cash is going to add up over the school year.

#6 Campus Tour Guides

Up next, we have Campus tour guides. Being a tour guide definitely takes the most effort from any other job on this list, but everyone usually loves it. That’s because of their personality, though. These kids are super energized and sociable, so they need a job that stimulates them. Tour guides will usually give 3 or 4 1-hour long tours a week. However, some people can choose to do more. The best thing is the flexibility because you don’t work many hours. You can easily pick up another job if you wanted. And you don’t have to give tours during the winter, and during finals, they typically offer fewer terms, if any. You’ll start around minimum wage, which is horrible pay for the amount of work you put in, but it can be a delightful and rewarding job, especially if you like people. If you’re outgoing and love your campus, you might want to consider becoming a tour guide.

#5 Campus IT

Campus IT departments help students and faculty with any problems they have with technology. If your iPad can connect to Wi-Fi, your laptop had a virus, or even if your computer was totally broken, there is usually someone available to help you out. Sometimes schools hire people to handle the more complicated stuff, but they also hire students to do simple troubleshooting. The pay for people who work in a school’s IT department is usually slightly higher than most other on-campus jobs, but it can be super fun if you like computers and technology.

#4 The Library

In the 4th spot, we have the library. Many people never even think about working at the library, but it’s definitely one of the most chill and relaxing on-campus jobs. You’ll have to answer people’s questions, rearrange books, and check-out books for people. But let’s be real, few people actually ask librarians questions these days. A lot of the time, you’ll sit at the desk doing homework. You literally get paid to go to the library and study. Who wouldn’t like that? If you have a tough time forcing yourself to study in the first place, working at your school’s library might be just what you need to start studying.

#3 Campus Gym

Coming in third place is working for the campus gym. A lot of people who work at the gym really enjoy it. There are a bunch of different types of jobs you can do, but nothing too crazy. For the most part, you’ll greet people who come in and occasionally walk around to clean the equipment. You can usually crack jokes with coworkers and get to know other students who come to the gym. It is a great environment if you enjoy being sociable and don’t even have to be super into working out. You need to be personable and enjoy talking to people. If you’re really into working out, you might want to consider becoming a personal trainer. Some schools have programs where students can be personal trainers for other students, which is a great way to make some extra cash.

#2 Resident Advisor

If you don’t know, resident advisors (or RAs) are basically responsible for making sure everyone in a dorm is safe and following the rules. They help hold events for people to get involved in the dorm and get to know each other. This is by far the most lucrative job you can get on any college campus. Pay depends on your school, but you almost always get free housing, which is a huge benefit. Living on campus is one of the most expensive parts of college. For many state schools, living costs are more than tuition, so not paying will save you a lot of money. Most schools also offer additional benefits like a discounted meal plan that made it cheaper to eat food on campus than anywhere else or a monthly stipend.

Some students worry about becoming RAs because it is a lot of responsibility, which can be stressful. However, you usually get trained really well on how to deal with intense situations. Having great relationships with residents makes the job much better. If other students know you, they’ll make your life easy. You also gain many essential skills as an RA, like dealing with high-intensity situations and leadership skills. Becoming an RA is also really competitive, but if you’re good with people, are a calm person, and care about helping students, you can be a great fit.

#1 The Dorm Front Desk

And finally, taking the number one spot is working the front desk of a dorm. Working at a dorm’s front desk is an effortless way of making money. All the job involves is answering people’s questions when they come to the desk and sorting other student’s mail. It’s a great way to make friends in the dorm. Everyone walks past the front desk, and they often drop by the front desk to have a conversation. The best part is the commute time. All you have to do is walk downstairs or take the elevator. Plus, depending on the time of day, there’s not that much actual work to get done, so you have a lot of free time. Many people would use their front desk shifts to finish homework, while others watch a lot of Netflix.

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