10 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur in 2021 💡

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There is a certain feeling of fulfillment when you start a business you are passionate about. Especially that business has been a lifelong goal for you. In this modern age, we are experiencing an exponential increase in the number of people who have chosen entrepreneurship as a career choice. In American society, the primary factor that sustains its economy is entrepreneurship. Over the years, many people have become dependent on small-scale businesses to provide for their needs and create employment for many others.

The advent of COVID-19 changed a lot of things in the world. Countries were in total lockdown for months - large and small businesses were closed, factories were shut down, the unemployment rate skyrocketed, and people lost their jobs. The pandemic has simply taught many people that having an autonomous platform is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, people lost their jobs and other things valuable to them during the pandemic. However, many people have opted to become entrepreneurs to provide for themselves and their families while growing their businesses. We hate the virus, but we don't hate that people are continually finding their entrepreneurship mojo, do we?

Some people feel the urge to start a business, but they probably don't have the right motivation or a good reason. There are many reasons why it's fantastic to become an entrepreneur. Below are some of the reasons you should consider entrepreneurship. We hope they get you convinced.

1. You’re In Control 🎮

Just like a coach in a football game, you are the one who makes all the crucial decisions as an entrepreneur. Although being the only person that decides how your business is run can be a lot difficult, but it allows you to be more flexible and make the choices you feel are beneficial for the company. In that case, you can adjust quickly to situations and make quick changes, unlike large organizations.

2. You Create Your Schedule 🗓️

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to work longer and harder than people who have brown or white-collar jobs. Having a small business means you may have to do everything on your own — attend to customers’ emails and complaints, receive orders, manage your online business platforms, etc. Nevertheless, being an entrepreneur permits you to carry out some of these activities at your own suitable time. You are in control of your work hours.

3. You Can Work Anywhere 🌎

Another significant aspect of entrepreneurship is that it permits business owners to create systems that could allow them to work wherever they want. Although it is still essential to have a physical outlet where you can be present occasionally. While this does not work for all entrepreneurs because businesses are different, it always gives most business owners the liberty of working anywhere. Unlike small-scale business owners, most organizations had fixed offices for their employees to work in — before the advent of COVID-19.

4. You Determine What Your Future Looks Like 🔮

Being an entrepreneur means you have full control of your business. You can only hold one person accountable for shortcomings or successes — yourself. You can determine which opportunities to explore and create blueprints to assess how your business should look like in the future.

5. You Can Start A Business You Love ❤️

Some entrepreneurs tend to be involved in businesses because they feel lucrative and not passionate about such a company. Other times, others are engaged in the industries they are passionate about. You have a choice of opting for either of the two options. So, do what thou wilt.

6. You Can Create A Legacy ⭐

As a successful business owner, you can create a legacy for yourself, your family, and even your society. So, being an entrepreneur is more than just becoming a successful business owner. If you are employed in a large organization where you hold no significant position, there’s nothing to pass down to anyone. You may be doing all the work, but someone else will receive the accolades. You don’t own the business, so, apart from an occasional pat on the back from your boss, expect nothing.

7. You Will Work With Other Entrepreneurs 🚀

From a networking point of view, being an entrepreneur is a beautiful thing. You will have to meet with business owners and probably exchange a few ideas to promote your business. You will meet lovely people, make great connections, and learn new business strategies from others.

8. You’ll Be Happy With Yourself 😎

While you are happy that you make money from successful deals as an entrepreneur, you will be most grateful that you are reaping from the fruits of your labor. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that your hard work and dedication is paying off. Creating your own business, work round-the-clock to ensure that you can meet up with specific deals, and finally seeing the rewards is something you’ll be proud of. This can even motivate you to do more than you have achieved.

9. You Own The Business And The Profits 💸

Do you know that before an employee receives his monthly salary, the company must first settle expenses and pay people who hold higher positions? But as a business owner, it’s an entirely different story. All the money you make goes directly into your account. Nevertheless, you will still cover your expenses and probably pay others who work under you. But the advantage you have is that you determine how you spend the money in your account.

10. You Control The Culture 🤝

Entrepreneurs have complete control of their businesses and determine how it should be run. You can make up strategic decisions and policies that will increase productivity in your industry. Sometimes, employees fantasize about how the organization they work for should run their business. They fail to realize that they are just one step away from making their fantasies a reality — start up a business! Starting up your own business enables you to set achievable goals, bring up innovative ideas, and determine how your business should be run.

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