10 Best Personal Finance Apps of 2021 📱

10 Best Personal Finance Apps of 2021
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It’s no secret that apps have already taken over our phones. It’s also probably not a secret that you’re probably trying to save and invest. Well, we have the perfect list for you! Here are our top 10 personal finance apps to have in 2021. These apps are bound to change the way you view saving and investing. Whether you just want to make a monthly budget or become a crypto trader, we have something for you. Let’s dive in! 🤿

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#1 Yotta Savings 🏆

A picture of the Yotta Savings app icon.
The Yotta Savings app icon.

Yotta Savings is the newest company on our list, formed just a few years ago in 2019, but they are already disrupting the fintech landscape. Like playing the lottery, Yotta offers a savings account that gives you weekly opportunities to earn up to $10 million. Every week at 9:00 PM EST, there is a number drawing. At the end of every week on Sunday, the seventh and final number gets drawn. If you match all seven digits for the week, you’ll win $10 million! If you don’t match all seven numbers, all is not lost. You can still earn rewards for matching some numbers, and they pay a better interest rate than most banks. That’s incredible, isn’t it? Yotta is based on the Premium Bond program in the United Kingdom. Similar programs also exist in other countries, but up until 2015, they were illegal in the United States. You’re not gonna wanna miss downloading Yotta Savings this year!

#2 Mint by Intuit 📊

A picture of the Mint by Intuit app icon.
The Mint app icon.

Mint by Intuit is probably hands-down the best free budgeting and personal finance app in the app stores. Mint solves the common problem of having to log-in to a million different accounts all the time just to check your balances. This app lets you connect each account once and see detailed insights about each one. You can also create custom monthly budgets, hear recommendations on improving, and get free 24/7 access to your credit score. Mint also gives you a heads up regarding any bills coming due and lets you create goals for large purchases. These features keep you on track to reaching your financial goals. If you’re looking for a way to easier see all your accounts in one place (for free) and want better insights into your finances, we highly recommend downloading Mint today. Mint is the perfect accountability partner that is always there when you need them!

#3 Acorns 🌱

The Acorns app icon.

Acorns is an absolutely fantastic app if you’re just getting into saving and investing money. The way it works is that you link your bank card (it can be a credit or debit card), specify a checking account to make withdraws from, and then simply make purchases as you would typically do. Whenever you make a purchase (say a candy bar for $1.49), Acorns will automatically round your purchase to $2.00. So you’ll pay to store for your $1.49 candy bar, and Acorns will take $0.51 and put it in your Acorns account. They call these transactions round-ups because they round your transactions up to the nearest $1. It’s also possible to round up to the nearest $2 if you want to invest more! Over time, your round-ups will begin to add up, and you’ll have a nice nest egg for yourself. What’s also great is that your round-ups can get invested in various funds based on your risk preference. You’ll simply answer a few questions, and Acorns will let you know which fund is right for you. If you’re looking for an automated way to save and invest, look no further than Acorns!

#4 Betterment ⛱️

A picture of the Betterment app icon.
The Betterment app icon.

Betterment is disrupting the retirement planning landscape. This app lets you consolidate your spending, saving, investing, and retirement activities into a single, easy-to-use interface. Betterment allows you to invest in various low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that give you access to stock market investing without trying to pick individual companies, which provides you with the benefit of diversification. Diversification is such a vital part of building wealth because it reduces the decision risk of choosing the wrong stock or a small handful of stocks. Their checking account doesn’t come with any fees, and their management fees on investments are just 0.25%, which is super competitive within the industry to gain access to similar funds. We recommend looking into Betterment if you’re a technology-lover that has a retirement plan. This app will help keep you on track and give you the tools to make it happen!

#5 Stash 💰

The Stash app icon.

Stash is a super cool app with a super cool name! With Stash, you’ll be able to start investing in no time and have access to fractional shares. Fractional shares are shares less than one whole share. It’s common to perfect fractional shares of companies like Tesla or Berkshire Hathaway where the stock prices are crazy high. One of the coolest benefits of Stash is their Stock-Back Card. It’s a debit card that lets you score stock back when you make purchases at your favorite places. You heard us right, stock back, not cashback. This literally might be the coolest debit card today. Stash offers various other services, like personalized advice, premium research, life insurance, and access to multiple retirement accounts, all included in each of their three subscription plans. The plans start at $1/month for Stash Beginner, $3/month for Stash Growth, and $9/month for Stash+. Getting Stash in 2021 might be the right thing to do this year!

#6 Webull 🐂

The Webull app icon.

Webull is a stock-trading app that has been stealing the limelight from Robinhood lately due to their super-generous referral program. Unlike Robinhood that only offers one free stock when you sign up, Webull offers two free stocks. They even guarantee that your two free stocks will be valued between $8-$1600, so you have a real likelihood to score something good! Sometimes they even offer promotions to get three, four, or sometimes more free stocks just for referring your friends. You’ll be able to trade stocks, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies in the palm of your hand with one of three individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or brokerage accounts that they offer. Even if you don’t want to trade or invest, we recommend getting Webull just to score the free referral bonuses that they offer.

#7 Ibotta 💸

The Ibotta app icon.

This one goes out to all you secret-shopping, cashback financial wizards out there! Ibotta lets you score cashback on everyday purchases with their mobile app and browser extension. Simply download the app or install the extension, and you’ll be well on your way to earning cold hard cash. They have offers with many retailers like Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Domino’s Pizza, REI, Sephora, and more. If you’re shopping at a retailer that is listed on Ibotta, you might as well be paying less. The average user earns more than $150 annually. Usually, you have to pay for apps you download, but with Ibotta, they’re paying you. Another cool benefit is that they give you cashback on gift cards. That’s like the ultimate lifehack to infinity money, haha! You’re not going to want to miss having Ibotta downloaded this year! If you like cashback apps, check out our other article on the Top 5 Cashback Apps That Save You Money 🤑!

#8 Fundrise 🏗️

The Fundrise app icon.

Have you always wanted to invest in real estate but never had the money to do it? If so, you’re gonna want to take a look at Fundrise. Fundrise gives you access to a series of multi-million dollar real estate portfolios without needing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. Simply open an account, set recurring deposits, and watch your investment in real estate growth. Using Fundrise is a great way to diversify your portfolio if you only have stocks or a real estate investor who only owns single properties. Gaining access to large apartment complexes and offer spaces hasn’t been available to average investors until Fundrise came and disrupted the space. As housing and real estate continue to increase in value, year-over-year, investing in real estate is the perfect way to build wealth over the long-term. Don’t get caught not having Fundrise downloaded in 2021.

#9 GetUpside ⛽

The GetUpside app icon.

If you own a gas-powered vehicle, you need to know about GetUpside. GetUpside lets you earn up-to 30¢ off per gallon at thousands of gas stations across the country. You’ll never have to pay full price ever again to fill up your tank. In addition to saying money at the pump, GetUpside can also save you money at grocery stores and restaurants. Since they started in the gas station space, you’ll see much more gas savings than you will other places, but they’re adding new stores everyday. We have a great article that goes in-depth on the benefits and how-to-use GetUpside. Be sure to check that out! While you may not be driving much now, you’ll probably drive more in the future. And if you have to for gas anyway, you might as well get it cheaper!

#10 Coinbase ⚡

The Coinbase app icon.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies taking over headlines, you may want to see what all the fuss is about. Coinbase is emerging as the leader in crypto trading that is easy to start and has robust features. One of the best benefits of Coinbase is that they have educational content to learn about the cryptocurrency world. Not only do they have great content, but they’ll also pay you over $100 to go through a series of lessons. If you want a quick primer on how to invest in crypto, be sure to check out our article How to Invest in Cryptocurrency ⚡. There’s no doubt that we think cryptocurrency is here to stay so you should get as familiar with it as possible. Investing in crypto might be a great way to diversify your portfolio. If you’re trying to start trading crypto and want free money, definitely download Coinbase today!

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