Introduction to Secret Shopping

Secret shopping doesn't have to seem like you're a spy. It can be an everyday thing!

Don't you hate having a food budget or hate spending money at restaurants? If so, you're in the right place! Here we share tips and tricks on how to score free food with secret shopping.

This post is an extension of Todd's Intro to Secret Shopping: How to get your food and entertainment for FREE on YouTube. We recommend using both as a reference and we'll continue to update this content to you know you have the very best secret shopping content out there. Okay, let's dive into the go stuff!

What is Secret Shopping?

Let's first start off by learning what secret shopping is. Secret shopping, or also known as mystery shopping, occurs when a person (aka you) go out to a specific restaurant or establishment and order something, conduct a review on your experience, then get paid by the secret shopping company for your time. It's a great way to score free stuff and even get paid for going out and doing what you already do.

There are many companies out there like movie theaters, restaurants, hotel chains that hire companies to find people that basically shop and make sure the experience is up to a high standard. There are many secret shopping companies out there but here is a list of 12 reputable companies.

12 Secret Shopping Companies

Informa Research

Beyond Helloย - This site is the go-to for coffee lovers everywhere!

Best Markย - Todd's first secret shopping company.

Sassie Shop

About Face

Market Force

Reality Check



Service Sleuth


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