Garrett Ramela 😎

Garrett Ramela getting his picture taken on a ferry in Seattle, Washington.
Garrett Ramela getting his picture taken on a ferry in Seattle, Washington.

Garrett Ramela is a financial technology consultant, entrepreneur, and real estate investor that enjoys learning in his free time.

He is known for his appearances on CNBC and is one of the co-founder of this website, Millennial Investments 💰.

Early Life 👶

Garrett grew up into the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has two brothers, Justin and Nick. He was a lackluster student in high school and ending up falling on his face as an adult. As a result, Garrett decided to enlist in the US Marines and served from 2014-2018.

Real Estate Investing 🏡

In April of 2017, Garrett got a hold of his first rental property after his cousin, and he decided to turn his cousin's primary residence into a rental property. Garrett agreed to pay holding and renovation costs in exchange for 50% ownership of the property. In March of 2018, Garrett purchased his second property in Alexandria, Virginia, using the VA home loan program. After living in the property for 15 months, he moved to Maryland and purchased his third property. In June of 2020, Garrett purchased his fourth property near where his family lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Turo Car Sharing Side Hustle 🚗

Garrett runs a Turo car-sharing fleet with six vehicles. Starting with a single Corvette in 2021 after wanting a new car and a way to subsidize the car payment, he quickly built his fleet to six vehicles and has made over $100,000 in less than two years. If you're interested in learning more about Garrett's Turo business or want to get started yourself, check out the following:

Personal Life 🎓

Garrett enjoys learning and during the past several years he was able to earn multiple degrees. He holds a bachelors in business administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus, a masters in finance from American University, and a masters in IT management from the University of Virginia. He is working on his third masters at the George Washington University studying artificial intelligence, business analytics, and cloud computing. He enjoys chatting about finance, technology, startups, real estate, and politics.

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