Hrolfur Sveinsson 😎

A professional headshot of Hrolfur Sveinsson.
Hrolfur Sveinsson headshot.

Hrolfur Sveinsson is a financial engineer, real estate investor, and lover of both soccer and golf.

He is a part of the core Millennial Investments πŸ’° team!

Early Life πŸ‘Ά

Hrolfur grew up in beautiful ReykjavΓ­k, Iceland before moving to the United States for university.

Real Estate 🏠

Hrolfur still lives in the United States, but continues to own a condo in his hometown. This condo was his first deep dive into real estate.

Personal Life πŸ–οΈ

Hrolfur loves playing soccer and golf. In university, he received a scholarship to play during his masters program.

Education πŸŽ“

Hrolfur has two degrees; a bachelors in industrial engineeringΒ from the University of IcelandΒ and a masters in business analytics from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.