Todd Baldwin 😎

Todd and Angela Baldwin posing for a picture at a friend's wedding.
Todd and his wife, Angela posing for a photo at a friend's wedding.

Todd Baldwin is an African American entrepreneur, investor, and public figure best known for his unorthodox real estate strategy involving renting homes out by the bedrooms.

He is known for his appearances on the BiggerPockets Podcast, his YouTube channel Todd Baldwin - Millennial Millionaire, and the one of the co-founder of this website, Millennial Investments.

Early Life 👶

Growing up, Todd got his first job at 12 years old, shoveling horse manure at a local ranch. He started landscaping business at the age of 15 and took part in playing Football for Sequim High School. During high school, he started a candy company and also pursued a career in amateur boxing. 

Upon graduating high school, Todd attended Western Washington University, where he met his wife, Angela. Todd later dropped out of college to take a sales job working for an insurance company.

Real Estate Investing 🏡

In December of 2015, Todd bought his 1st property when he was 23 years old. He and his girlfriend (now wife) lived in the master bedroom, and they rented out the remaining bedrooms to their friends. Nine months later, Todd bought his second property, which he, in turn, rented out the entire house by the bedroom. In March of 2017, Todd bought his third rental property, which he moved into, and rented out every spare bedroom.  Todd purchased two more properties in 2018, renting both of them out by the bedroom as well. In 2019, Todd purchased a duplex in Burien, WA. He moved to with his wife, renting one side of the duplex out on Airbnb and converting the garage space to a studio apartment.

Because of his real estate accomplishments, Todd was interviewed by CNBC Make It, BiggerPockets, CNBC Select, and Black Enterprise. Here is one of his videos with CNBC that got more than 1.8 million views.

YouTube 🎥

Following the airing of CNBC's first video with Todd, it inspired him to start a YouTube channel to help others learn financial hacks to better themselves. His channel is Todd Baldwin - The Millennial Millionaire. He publishes daily and has a wide selection of videos teaching personal finance, real estate, secret shopping, and more. In fact, a lot of his videos are also featured on our site. Check out his channel, and don't forget to subscribe and support his work! Also, here are some links to some of Todd's pieces on the site.

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Personal Life 😎

Todd lives with his wife Angela Baldwin in a duplex in Burien, WA. He practices a very frugal lifestyle despite becoming a millionaire in his 20s.

Todd on the cover of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine.

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