Monthly Rewind - January 2021 🎬

Millennial Investments Monthly Rewind - January 2021
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Wow. We thought this year was going to be different, but already 2021 is on fire. 🔥 Bitcoin is all over the place, and Reddit users are taking on Wall Street. It’s only been a month since launching Millennial Investments 💰, and we’re happy with the progress so far! We wanted to reflect on what we’re doing monthly, so here’s our monthly rewind! 🎬

Let’s kick things off with our top three most viewed articles!

1.) My $50K, 15-Month Master’s in Finance in 5 Minutes🎓

A diploma rolled up sitting on a table

Garrett Ramela reflected on his journey to get a master's in finance from American University and boils down what you need to know in five minutes.

2.) How To Start A YouTube Channel in 2021 🎬

Todd Baldwin | How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2021

Todd Baldwin discusses the state of YouTube and shares five tips on how to start a channel in 2021. He also sheds light on the journey of growing his own channel from 0 to 5,000+ in less than a year.

3.) How To Get A PS5 For Free 🎮

How to Get the New PlayStation 5 for Free

Todd also walks us through a two-step process to legitimately get the new PS5 for free by opening two CapitalOne accounts! If you’re going to check this out, do it now because the offer on the checking account ends on January 31st, and we don’t know if it will get extended.

We’re also excited to welcome four new contributors! Check out their first articles below. If you’re a writer or content creator and want to start contributing to Millennial Investments 💰, check out our application page!

1. Kristi Andrus

A woman holding a coffee mug that says, "Like a Boss".

2. Gabriela Ariza

Gabriela Ariza holding a coffee mug with the letter "G" printed on it.

3. Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani posing for a photo shoot for her company Casting Depot

4. Phil Kirkeiner

Phil Kirkeiner, the founder of EveryBankBonus posing for a selfie.

Progress Quick Facts!

It’s because of you that we were able to accomplish as of January 28th:

Articles Published — 18 ✍️

Total Contributors — 9 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Medium Views — 1,070 🖥️

Website Views — 1,633 🔥

Clubhouse Events — 1 🎧

Let’s see what February and the rest of 2021 will bring for the Millennial Investments community!

Thanks for Reading!

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